Betty Cooper And Sherlock Holmes Case Study

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In a dark town, Betty Cooper exploits the evils within Riverdale, a place of backstabbing, murder, and utter terror. From the hit television drama created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the character appeals to the young, reckless teenagers of today. However, another contender strides through the streets of Victorian England pleasing all generations. This character created by the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is none other than the renowned detective Sherlock Holmes, one who rivals Betty Cooper in all categories. However, the characters produced by their creators successfully attempt to satisfy their targeted audience, but are still great detectives in their own respected way. Like night and day, Betty Cooper and Sherlock Holmes are complete opposites,…show more content…
Overall, the best characteristic of Cooper is her inquisitivity. At the time when her good friend Veronica was being harassed by the jock Chuck Clayton, she continued to question all the boys and bystanders who witnessed the harrassment. Even though Cooper did this for the protection of her friend, it was also to exploit the evils within Riverdale High School. Not separating her business from pleasure is evidently her greatest downfall and negative characteristic. At the time of the case, Cooper used the trap set by her and Veronica as a way to get revenge on Clayton. However, she went too far to the point where she began to drown him in a hot tub while pouring maple syrup over his head (Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa). In relation to Holmes, heightened intelligence is clearly his best quality. During his time spent on the Baskerville case, Holmes made sure he noticed the smallest, yet most important details such as the cab that followed Sir Henry Baskerville (Doyle 55). However, his notable negative quality is his lacking trust with his closest friends such as Watson. The best example would be when he lied to Watson about staying at Bakers Street while instead he went undercover on the moor near Baskerville Hall (178,…show more content…
Even though the strategies used by Cooper are quite effective, they are still extremely risky for it is mostly illegal. One example would be her constant trespassing and breaking-into of others’ property. When the Black Hood was still on his murdering spree, Cooper suspected Sheriff Keller leading her to break into his home only to later be caught by the Sheriff himself (Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa). Likewise, Holmes’ strategy to solve cases through drugs is also quite risky. Even though it was legal at the time, Holmes addiction to “enhancing” drugs were used for it was thought they could heighten your abilities. However, it was not evident through his changes in behavior, but the build up of the drug most definitely had a negative effect on his body (Attwood). Evidently, this leads to shaky and uncertain relationships with his closest acquaintances such as

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