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Most everyone knows who Betty Crocker is! She's been a cultural icon for years and part of the family food traditions! What's more, Betty Crocker is a name synonymous with quick, easy, and wonderful food, from boxed cake mixes, cake and dessert decorating products to canned frostings. She is the voice of wisdom and calm, capable of offering savvy answers to questions asked by so many home cooks! Betty Crocker's beginnings: Back in the day, during 1921, the world was a lot different than today. Warren G. Harding was the 29th President of the United States, the country had formally ended World War I, and the country's first Miss America was crowned as sixteen-year old, Margaret Gorman won Atlantic City Pageant's Golden Mermaid trophy. Meanwhile, at the same time elsewhere in the country...a promotion for Gold Medal flour was underway offering its' consumers a pincushion resembling a flour sack if they correctly completed a…show more content…
In 1954, the Betty Crocker Search for the All-American Homemaker of Tomorrow was launched and continued for some 20 years, ending in 1974. Betty Crocker's first Picture Cook Book was published in 1950 and very quickly transformed into a national best-seller. What's more, Betty Crocker's monthly recipe magazine has been available at stores nationwide since the 1980s. 1961-Betty Crocker-Picture-cook-book Pictured above: 1961 Betty Crocker's New Pictured Cook Book Designed by Lippincott & Margulies, Inc., the iconic Betty Crocker Red Spoon logo, made its first appearance on packaging in 1954. With very minute modifications, the logo is synonymous with Betty Crocker today. If you're in the know when it comes to Betty Crocker, then you'll know that in addition to cookbooks, and websites, Betty Crocker has more than 200 products, from SuperMoist cake mixes, Rich & Creamy frostings, Hamburger Helper mixes and Bisquick baking

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