Betty Marie: A Well-Known Ballet Dancer

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Betty Marie was a well-known ballet dancer. She came from a rough childhood, and grew into a trained athlete. She started her career small and ended it large. She was an influence to all girls in the world, and this is how she started.

She grew up in a Native American reservation in Oklahoma. She described herself as a typical Indian girl. She said she was shy, docile, and introverted. As a child she used to sit at her grandma’s feet and listen to the stories that she would tell about fire spirits and talking animals. When she started ballet is when she broke out of her shell. She started ballet at the age of 4 and had a lot of talent and grew from there. She realized quickly that it took a lot more than talent to make it.

She became a
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The teasing lasted all the way through high school and that might not have been the worst part. She was asked in the hallways why she didn’t wear feathers and some people yelled war cries when they passed her. No matter what they said she took pride in her name, and said it boldly in class with pride. Later in her life she changed her first name to Maria because she said it sounded more sophisticated. She refused to change her last name because she didn’t want to deny her heritage.

She went on to do great things, and was one of the best ballet dancers ever. She won woman of the year and she got prima ballerina of the N.Y.C. ballet. She has her own day and it is June 29. She earned the name wi-xth-thonba in her tribe which means woman of two worlds. The best play she did was Firebird. She was said to be amazing at this play. Some people even said while doing this play she actually became a bird on fire.

She must have been remembering the stories her grandma told her as a child while doing this play because she looked as though it was nothing. While doing the dance she looked amazing and that’s why she is one of the best. While dancing she combined her heritage and ballet and became a true
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