Betty Marie Tallhief

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Have you ever heard of Betty Marie Tallchief? Well if you haven't, I will be telling you about her in this essay. She was a very interesting person. She was a great ballerina who had very many great achievements, one which is getting named Woman of the Year. She was very true to herself throughout her life which helped her.

Betty Marie was made fun of a lot throughout her life. People would laugh at her last name. They made war whoops, being racist to Betty Marie. They even asked her why she didn't wear feathers. People discriminated Betty because of her race and made fun of her, but Betty still stayed true to herself.

Betty Marie did great things as a ballerina. She became prima ballerina for New York City Ballet. She was the first American in a century to dance for the Paris Opera Ballet. And last but not least, she performed The Firebird. These are great achievements for Betty Marie as a ballerina.
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She started using the name, Maria. She changed her name because she thought it sounded more sophisticated. However, she didn't change her last name because she didn't want to deny her heritage. In this situation, Maria was very true to herself because she didn't change her name even though people made fun of it, she still kept it.

Betty Marie was a great ballerina. She was very talented and recognized for her talent. She also was laughed at in her life. However, she just kept going and stayed true to herself. This was my essay on Betty Marie and her life, and how she stayed true to herself no matter
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