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Betty White is one of the most influential actresses of television history. Born as Betty Marion White on January 17, 1922 in Illinois, her family moved to Los Angeles, California during the Great Depression. She began her career by reading commercials for the radio in 1939 when she was seventeen years old. Betty White then started acting in television shows and movies. Since then, she has won several awards and continues to act. Betty White’s autobiography, If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won’t), reveals an actress 's life from her perspective. Betty White’s long life and long career have made it possible to provide inspiration to everyone in the acting world and in the real world. Betty White’s most influential role, apart from acting, is…show more content…
Her first nomination was for the very first Emmy designated for women on television. Betty White is also the very first and only woman who has won an Emmy in all performing comedic categories. Despite these many awards, she still believes “a nomination in and of itself is the greatest honor one can receive” (51). Betty White remains humble even after she has been accepting awards for 60 years. Furthermore, Betty White has maintained her humor into her old age. As evident in her many comedic films and sitcoms, Betty White believes humor is essential in life. Especially regarding aging, she understands, “If one has no sense of humor, one is in trouble.” (4). Betty White takes a positive view on life and uses her humor to be successful in her career. In fact, when Betty White acted in a drama, fans were surprised by her skill in that genre. Actresses, actors, and ordinary people draw inspiration from the long, influential life of Betty White. She encourages all people to live with passion and use it to achieve goals. The humbleness she has when she receives awards provides inspiration to stay humble. Betty White’s humor encourages all people to live life positively. Her leadership position supporting the welfare of animals pushes people to support what one believes in. Betty White has been a source of inspiration to all people for 75

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