Between Shades Of Grey Analysis

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Anya’s Unit 1: Close Reading

Dear Ms. Kannan,

Between Shades of Grey is a historical fiction novel set in 1941 during the holocaust. The protagonist, Lina, is a 15 year old girl living with a happy, healthy family in Lithuania. One night, the soviet police are banging at their door whilst her mother is hurriedly telling Lina and her brother, Jonah to pack up their belongings while pleading the guards to give them time. Time’s up and they’ve been thrown into carts on the way to Siberia. Because Between Shades of Grey is set in the holocaust, this isn’t a story of one girl, one family, it is a story about the revolving matters, zooming in and out of Lina’s story. For many during the holocaust, hope was their only escape from reality and hope
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Then, she had received an application letter for her art, she had confidence, and a clear path with her life. Now, she’s continuously trying to escape the present, hoping it will give her some guidance and warmth to her existing situation. This memory in specific was placed in remembrance to her father, who has been sent to a prison camp, hundreds of miles away from Lina. The value of these memories is exponentially going up as times become harder, and hope is little. Her values change the more she focuses on her memory. The reasoning for her consistent remembrance of memories is to escape reality. In her situation, in everyone around her’s situation, this idea of escaping reality is essentially giving everyone a sense of ease. Even though the book doesn’t show others memories, or goes into detail about their past, it is evident that no one is being realistic about their situation and looking forward to the future. Accepting reality is what changes values, Lina in…show more content…
This conversation was towards the very end of the book, in which we were able to see a clear moment of realization for Lina. Her hate had suddenly been less vague. Because there was close to no hope left in Lina’s soul after her mother died. The reason her morals are changing towards the end is because when there is close to no hope left, only then people have really started to think about reality and what is the true identity of those. Just before Lina’s mother dies she tells Lina that Kretzsky is only a boy. If everyone had been flexible to new morals, no doubt many people wouldn't have a peace of mind. They would have nothing to place their beliefs in. Nothing to place hope
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