Between Sundays Book Report

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Between Sundays, by Karen Kingsbury, tells the journey of a young football star through one of his hardest, yet most rewarding time of his life, all because of the persistence and diligence of a young boy. Most importantly, this story sheds light on the real victories won off the football field and how a little sacrifice leaves a lasting impact on those in need. Amy Briggs was a single mom with the son of a pro-football player, Aaron Hill. Although Aaron didn 't know it, Cory the son, grew up knowing who his father was. After Amy died of pneumonia, Megan Gunn took Cory in as a foster child. This book shares the story of how Cory and Aaron met each other and how their lives became forever unified. Aaron Hill is living the dream, playing as the…show more content…
Derrick Anderson lives each day as it was his last and operates according to God’s law. All of his morals and standards are centered around the Bible and God’s will. It shapes how he works on the football field as well as how he treats his wife and children. Derrick’s morals led him to move his entire family to San Francisco and pour himself into Aaron Hill. Similarly, Derrick’s motivation to provide for his family and succeed at life comes from his faith in Jesus. This is the base of his motivation, but is also very self motivated. He knows what he wants to achieve and does everything in his power to ensure his victory. For example, throughout the football season Derrick battle an ongoing knee injury, “...Derrick felt a snap in his right knee. Like a sudden wild fire, the pain exploded through his leg and up into his gut” (89, Kingsbury). At that moment Derrick could have decided he was done for the season, but instead he worked through the pain as long as he could and was able to help the team when they needed him the most. Derrick Anderson’s greatest desire is also his greatest fear. When Derrick’s youngest son was hours before his death, Lee asked his dad if he would win one more Super Bowl, just for him. Derrick promised the young, lifeless young boy his greatest wish. This season was Derrick’s last chance to fulfill his promise, his greatest desire. Yet, he feared failure and the possibility of living knowing he hadn 't kept his promise. Derrick’s fear gave him extra…show more content…
Derrick Anderson is classified as a foil and static character. Derrick’s influence on Aaron was life changing. Without Derrick, Aaron would never had a strong christian influence leading him to Christ. Aaron would have been stuck in his webs of lies and hole of darkness, as well as his losing streak in football. Derrick showed him the love of Jesus and how to surrender his entire life to God. From there, Aaron trusted God with the outcome of each game, especially the Super Bowl. “I (Aaron) asked God for vision, and He gave it to me” (269, Kingsbury). In addition, from the beginning to the end, Derrick has remained loyal to his faith and a strong example for Aaron and his teammates to witness the life of a devoted Christian. He became stronger through this journey, but remained true to himself and God because his foundation is stronger than any life
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