Between The Pool And The Gardenia Analysis

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The story, “Between the Pool and the Gardenia, ” explores the fear society has for certain women. The story starts off with the narrator, Marie, finding a beautiful dead baby on the curb. The baby smelled like the mix scent of gardenia and fish. Marie named the baby, Rose, and explained to Rose her entire life: ancestors, her cheating husband, running away from her husband, and the Dominican pool cleaner she slept with once. Marie was a maid, so she brought Rose in the household she works for. Several days later, Rose began rotting, but when Marie tried to bury her, the Dominican pool-cleaner saw her and called the police. He claimed that Marie killed the baby and kept it for evil purposes. Women in this story are portrayed as tools to make babies, and less significant than the baby they gave birth to.…show more content…
In addition, they allegedly eat children or babies’ souls and practice witchcraft. I believe people fear these women because they do not behave like the stereotypical or traditional women, and they do very questionable or suspicious things. This benefits people in power because they are able to attain more power in order to protect their civilians from these women. Civilians will most likely believe the people in power because these women are very abnormal and can do harm to the community. The people in power will most likely mistreat the women because that is what the civilians want and think is best. This is how “Between the Pool and Gardenia” explores the fear society has for certain
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