Between The World And Me Analysis

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Racism is a man-made creation, where people judge others based on the color of their skin and not on the important things, such as a person’s personality. It is the belief that some people are superior to others based on the color of their skin. Racism in the United States dates back from the early years when slavery still existed up until today. Authors Hubert Harrison, James Baldwin, and Ta-Nehisi Coates told their beliefs and stories about growing up African American in different time periods. In the works Race Prejudice II, Letter to My Nephew, and Between the World and Me, the American authors use their perspectives on racism to show how white people have been destroying black bodies and don't want to know what they are doing. In Race Prejudice II, Hubert Harrison argues that racial prejudice is not innate. He explains that if it were innate, then the white people would not be able to be around the black people. He…show more content…
Coates believes that the problem is how Americans have historically defined the word “people.” Racism is caused by labeling people by their skin color because genetically everyone is the same. He tried to teach his son that there no such thing as “white” or “black.” He says that the way America thinks about race is false because Americans label people based on their color of skin or religion, which is wrong. He believes race is not a reality, it is something people have created. The “new people” in his writing are the whites. They have created a world based on superiority. They believe that their country will continue to be great, but because the “new people” have a label it takes away the national hopes of being a great country and takes away the right of freedom because it is considered
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