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“We have to be listening to the horse, but it takes two to dance. The horse has to want to do it for itself,” George Morris. Dressage has to look fluent and and effortless through the horse and rider. This all comes from the guidance of the rider 's seat.The Dressage saddle will influence the horse and rider 's movements to act as one. The history of the Dressage saddle is an important factor in the history of Dressage.
The history of Dressage saddles evolved from nothing and turned into a beautiful piece of equipment. Before saddles were made, people would simply ride the horse bareback. From History of Dressage and Dressage Saddles it says, “The beginnings of a proper Dressage saddle would be developed by the Assyrians about 700-800 BEC, and consisted of a cloth attached
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The Dressage saddle is an English riding saddle which is used for Dressage, Jumping, and Eventing. Wikipedia says, “The Dressage saddle seat is much deeper in a Dressage saddle than a Jumper saddle and allows the rider to sit comfortably to best influence the horse.” The Dressage saddle helps the rider 's position which influences the horse to work. Dressage Saddles: Help or Hindrance says, “The purpose of a saddle is as an interface between the horse and rider that makes riding more comfortable for both individuals, whilst maintaining as close a connection as possible between the two.” The history of the Dressage saddle is important to understand so people know what their equipment was once used for. People should know the history. The history of the Dressage saddle is an important factor in the history of Dressage. Knowing the simple facts of when it was made, is an interesting factor of the dressage saddle. Saddle fit was never very important to people when it was first made, but that has significantly changed over time. The dressage saddle design was changed and evolved for the different rider 's and types of riding. The history of the dressage saddle will not change, but in time

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