Beveridge's Club Case Study

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Wallan is seen as an active community, but not for all the youth.

Gymnastics Coach Michelle Wood works at The Birallee Gymnastics Club.

She says “there are problems with teenagers and their lack of activities for them.

There is a lot of hanging around on the streets late at night because they are bored, it would be good if they had somewhere to go”.

The Michell Shire Youth Centre says “currently the number of Young People living in Mitchell Shire is 7,461”.

And that “the population of young people is expected to continue to increase, with the most significant growth in Beveridge and Wallan”. Michelle explains that “the older youth in Wallan that do not participate in sport would be the ages from age twelve to thirteen because they are going into high school.

During so they are going to find their niche, and they loose their motivation
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Michelle believes that there should be activities for the older youth by being a casual environment and being more of a social get together.

Julie Baker, local mother of two children; says “I think that some children are active, and I think there is more the council could do to make our children more active and more involved in the community”.

Julie believes that structures, like the Water Park in Wallan, are a great thing, however she thinks its more aimed at the younger children than the older children of the community.

She believes that this boredom stems from the lack of variety and wants it to be more accessible for everyone.

Julie says “there is a lot of fun sport, but again, it 's more aimed at the younger children instead of the older generation, the teenage generation”.

Julia, mother and member of Wallan says “there are no creative options for activities for my child to be apart of in Wallan and I 've been searching for years.

I think Wallan is very sports focussed; if you play sport, there 's heaps to do.

But if you 're not sporty, there 's nothing for kids to
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