Beverly Mclachlin Case Study

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Question 1. Beverly McLachlin was born in a small town in Alberta, CA. As a young adult, she had no career plans and currently she is Canada’s longest-serving chief justice. Her career began with an appointment to Vancouver County Court in 1981 which she soon elevated to the B.C Supreme Court, the B.C Court of Appeal and finally to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989. She was the third woman to ever sit on the top court and she has been on the Supreme Court for twenty-four years. She is 69 years old and is wiling to continue her position until the mandatory retirement at age 75. Having said that, since she is an older lady this creates some controversy about introducing her to new technology. In addition, she believes her gender is an endless source of amazement because it shows children and families that Canada does not have boundaries in terms of gender. Looking at Beverly McLachlins background I do believe her background gives her a good basis for making judgments about cases. She came from a small-town in Alberta and has always had a concern for the socially disadvantaged; this shows that she once was an ordinary human and not always a social elite. In high school she…show more content…
Although, I do believe adjusting to what everyone agrees is acceptable would be difficult. I believe laws should be made to protect people’s safety without jeopardizing people from living a happy lifestyle. Karl Marx articulates that social change occurs when society in itself moves to society for itself. Society in itself is described as a group that has common interested but is unconscious of the common interest and society for itself is a group that has common interested and is actively advocating and working towards common goals. I think laws should be open to change with society, humans are ever changing and the laws should recognize that and reconsider what is deviant and what is a shift in
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