Bexar County Community Reflection

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The Bexar County Community Supervision and Correction Department is the location I spent doing my internship this past fall. During my academic career at The University of Texas at San Antonio I was preparing for my exit and ultimately my career opportunities that would be offered or sought after my graduation. While attending UTSA I was fortunate enough to receive an in depth perception of the many job fields that majoring in Criminal Justice offers. Overall I was satisfied with the academic preparation of the curriculum, networking opportunities, internship expectations and my personal achievement in the internship. The internship is an important aspect of the degree plan in that in helps to incorporate what has been learned in academia…show more content…
I felt that I was prepared to understand the daily job functions and the role the department plays in the community. Everything I was taught from my courses were made clearer during my time at the internship. The one thing that I feel was not taught and cannot be taught is the interaction with the many different people that will I will come across if I do pursue that job. The daily interaction was the most important of the entire internship experience because it is something that is better experienced than taught or read about. San Antonio is a diverse city so it was no surprise the many different individuals from different backgrounds brought together through the Criminal Justice system. Individuals I found are the anomaly of the job and can affect duties and the level of discretion shown for the case. My expectations were that I was going to sit it and be a secondary to those performing their job. For the most part I was correct in that assumption but as my time accumulated so did my experience and job duties as an intern. I was encouraged to take a bigger role and occasionally perform the required job duties other Community Supervision Officers were doing. I was completely impressed by the work required and shown throughout the department and only by experiencing firsthand was I able to come to the realization that I may perform well under the same conditions. Experiencing the sorrow, joy, failure, and success of others was an eye opening experience that I really feel is crucial in understanding what goes on in the real life. When dealing with people there are consequences to my action that are positive and negative that accompany a person in that position that I truly respect. I feel that only by experience can a person truly grow accustomed to what goes in society and what to expect from certain
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