Beyonce: The Role Of Self Objectification In Music

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Self-Objectification — The tendency to see oneself primarily as an object in the eyes of others.

My daughters and I were just talking about this issue the other day regarding women who are being sexually objectified in today’s music. Today, most our music contains sexual and misogynist lyrics sung by rappers and male singers, and the same goes to female singers who are promoting their own objectification, through their music, that they themselves complain about. Infact, I’ve heard my step daughter the other day singing along with one of Beyonce’s song while doing her hair in the bathroom. The lyrics goes like: “can you lick my skittles… the sweetest in the middle... pink is the flavor... solve the riddle.” Basically, Beyonce is associating her female private part with a piece of candy which is an object. Obviously, the lyrics is reinforcing sexual objectification and strengthens the idea that women’s sexual body parts, are just like objects that can be bought and even sold just like candies.
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For instance, the photoshopped-perfect-thin bodies of women who are being sexually portrayed in cars, liquor, and clothing advertisements, giving women the wrong notion about how their bodies should look to be considered culturally attractive in today’s society. And because a self-objectifying woman see herself as a sex-object, she defines her worth based on her look and sexual appeal to men. Consequently, she will obsessively monitor herself in the mirror, and if she's not happy with what she sees, she may starve herself which could put her health at risk for self-inflicted starvation a.k.a.

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