Beyond The Bayou Analysis

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Acts of courage
There comes a time in a person’s life where they find themselves in a position of having to make a selfless decision in order save another person. In the two stories “Beyond the Bayou” by Kate Chopin and “The Signal” by Vsevolod Mikhailovich, each displays great acts of courage. In the story “Beyond the Bayou”, Chopin illustrates how the main character, La Folle, saves her beloved Cheri by crossing the bayou in order to save him, of which she has not done so since she was traumatized as a child. La Folle experiences both physical and emotional pain since being traumatized. In the story “The Signal”, Mikhailovich illustrates how Seymon is faced with the impeding danger of a passenger train derailment, and how he reacts selflessly in order to save innocent lives. Additionally, Mikhailovich’s story includes a fellow trackwalker named Vasily, who exhibits not only courage, but accountability for his actions. These characters show undisputed strength and beautiful displays of love for others in the face of danger and potential consequences. In each story, “Beyond the Bayou” and “The Signal”, Chopin and Mikhailovich both emphasize that displaying courage can come at a great personal cost, yet by doing so there is no greater reward.

Aftermath of War
In each of these stories, the effects of war have left a lasting mark upon how the world is viewed. Mikhailovich’s story takes place in the late 1870’s during the Russo Turkish war. The character, Seymon, being a
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