Bhano And Such Is Her Fate Analysis

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And Such Is Her Fate is a Sahitya Academy Award winning novel of Dalip Kaur Tiwana, a renowned Punjabi Writer. It depicts the tragic life of the female protagonist, Bhano who represents the pathetic condition of most of the marginalized Indian women. She is such a woman who is exploited and oppressed by her family and almost by all those who come in contact with her. She has been sold by his father to save the life of his brother. She has no other option but to accept whatever her fate decrees upon her. Servan, her husband loves her but his untimely death pushes her again in the darkness of the world. When she hears that her father want to sell her again, she runs away from the home with the intention to commit suicide. When she is about the jump into the river, Narain, a drunkard, saves her and accepts her as his unwedded wife. She has managed his house so beautifully that most of the women in her locality, feel jealous. Many young boys have their lustful eyes set on her but she saves her somehow from everyone. But God has some other plan for her. When she does not bear children for Narain, he leaves her at the instigation of her sister and marries to Bhagwanti another woman who ultimatelty bears her a baby boy. On giving birth to a son, which is believed to be a boon in this male dominated society, she is accepted as true wife of Narain. The arrival of second wife of Narain has pushed Bhano on the periphary of the household . She tries her best to hold the

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