Bharath Agro Crop Industries Case Study

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Bharath Agro Vet Industries was established in the year 2005. It was started by partnership firm under the four partners namely Dr. Arun Kumar Pai, Vandana Shetty, Dayananda Rai and Anjana Shetty. There are a total 244 employees under this industry. There were energetic and skilled professional, technical people having more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Bharath Agro Vet Industries provide superior poultry products and services. It has contributed overall growth of Poultry industry in coastal districts of Karnataka and Kerala. Activities involved in the Bharath Agro Vet Industries Breeding Farms Hatcheries Animal Feed and Feed Supplements Broiler Integration Farms Processing and Retailing Breeding Farms The Breeding farm is located in Hassan District, having overall output of 7 million…show more content…
Here the work flow gives the brief idea about how the poultry business works and chicken meat reaches to the ultimate consumer. The following workflow model is followed by Bharath Agro Vet Industries The first step the hatching eggs were transferred from breeding farm to hatchery units After completion of 21 days the day old chicks will distributed to all the integration farmers and sell it to the outside customers Integration farmers were supplied with all requirements like chicks, medicines, feed in regular basis Immediate after 42 days company lift the live chicken from every integration farmers and pays on the basis of weight The lifted live chicken were distributed to all the retailers They also transfer the livestock to processing unit The meat will reaches to end user or consumer through different retailers and also from Bharath’s own chilled chicken retail

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