Bharati By Mahatma Gandhi Analysis

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Narayan, endowed as , he is with a comprehensive life-vision, integrates in this novel fact and fiction into an artistic whole that is marked by throbbing creative vigour, graphics and gripping picture of the political happenings and upheavals of the 1930s and 1940s during the mighty struggle for independence. The story of this powerfully evocative novel revolves around the love between Sriram and Bharati, who are waiting with nerve-wracking tension and anxiety for the permission of Mahatma Gandhi to marry.
Bharati is lover, disciple and Guru, all rolled into one. She is quite modem in breaking through the shell of conservatism and choosing to be a freedom-fighter under the leadership of Gandhi. Vandana R.Singh observes, “Bharati [...] comes a full way out of the traditional inhibitions and chooses a public life dedicating herself to the service of Gandhi” (31). Nationalism is in her very blood. Her father died during the 1920 movement, just when she was born. When Gandhi, who had come down to south, came to know of it, made himself her godfather. It was he who named her Bharati which means the daughter of India. After the death of her mother, the local Sevak Sangh adopted her. Her association with the Sevak Sangh helps energize her incipient spirit of service, and the Sangh provides Bharati plenty of opportunities to hone and test her interactive skill, cultivate the art of communication and winning the confidence of the indigent villagers, and understand with

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