Bharati Mukherjee Analysis

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Bharati Mukherjee is one of the most popular diasporic writers. A perfect mix of fact and fiction can be seen in her novels. She stands for feminism, which is reflected through her lead women characters. The transformation of women when migrating from a place to another is beautifully portrayed in her writings. She has secured a steady place among the diasporic writers, because of her portrayal of women in the newly adopted land. The transformation includes ups and downs, where the female characters face many problems and struggles but they survive all those by taking bold and strong decisions, clear thoughts and a vision for future. Author’s Credentials: Bharati Mukherjee was born in Calcutta in 1940. Later she moved to Europe along with her parents and then returned to India. She went to United States to study at university of Iowa. She then married Clark Blaise and wrote few works collaboratively. She also has many novels to her credit - Tiger’s Daughter, Wife, Jasmine, The Holder of the World, Leave it to Me, Desirable Daughters, The Tree Bride, Miss New India. She has written some short stories like Darkness, The Middleman and other stories, A Father and The Management of Grief. She has won National Book Critics Circle Award for her short story The Middleman and the Other Stories. Author’s voice on her characters: Most of her novels reflect auto biographical element. Her works have the shades of Mukherjee’s personal life journey, her experiences and this has been
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