Bharati Mukherjee Character Analysis

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The novels of Bharati Mukherjeee are self-actualising. Quest for definition of oneself and search for identity are the main features of women in her novels who had caught between tradition, culture and modernity. Her novels reveal the sufferings of most of woman in the alien land. In some of her novels she speaks about women who succeed in the alien land. Neither can they completely detach themselves from their part, nor do they have any sureness in the future. Mukherjee’s depiction of women and their different relationships portrays the dominance of patriarchal practices in traditional society, as well as the forms of liberation and empowerment which are available for women in their diasporic situation. Mukherjee female characters are real, modern lifelike. They are typical representatives of young women particularly of the third world countries who cherish the dream of emerging to America for higher education and higher wages, and then after arrival there, aspires to settle there permanently. Their situations and the difficulties they face are also realistically portrayed. Mukherjee in all of her she speaks about third world country immigrants and the hardships they are through. She is described as having accepted being “an immigrant, living in a continent of immigrants” (Bharati Mukherjee 13). In the book Bharati Mukherjee she claims an American identity and not a hyphenated Indian-American one: I maintain that I am an American
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