The Myth The Latin Women Analysis

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Imagine waking up one morning and every social media page is shut down completely. This generation probably wouldn't even know how to keep themselves occupied or even know how to communicate properly in person. We are in a time known for the use of technology. Almost everything we do is through social media. Job interviews, promotions, and connections are all used through social media. It seems like every week there is a new app or update that keeps us hooked. The more outlets we have through social media the more time people spend on these websites creating their pages . People always want to have the most likes, comments, and views. We would do anything just to be “socially” accepted. People constantly put on a whole new identity just to reach this point. We feel the need to keep everyone involved in our lives through social media. Everybody only show parts of our lives that seem interesting or would receive many likes. Some people even go to the extent of creating a completely different person. You can live a completely new life through social media. Social media is slowly ruining the sense of identity. “Social media allows the individual to map out their lives for the world to see, or create an entirely new and different identity. This generation is growing up with an increasingly fragile sense of self. This leads to…show more content…
She talks about how she is socially viewed. People make horrible comments about her appearance and the way she acts. Latin women are put into boxes by what we label them which makes people view them certain way, they want to be seem as individuals and not to be looked dow upon. Using social media we put ourselves in those boxes and put on those restraints on what is socially acceptable. We try to conform ourselves to fit inside these boxes when all it is doing is holding us back from our true
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