Bharti Mukherjee Character Summary

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Bharti Mukherjee, born on July 27, 1940, to an upper-middle class Hindu Brahmin family in Calcutta, India. She lived her childhood in a family with large number of members. She belonged to a highly intellectual family background which led to getting more academic endeavors in her career and had an opportunity of receiving excellent schooling. She got an excellent opportunity of enhancing her English language skills when her father was posted in England in 1947. She graduated from University of Calcutta and then went on with…show more content…
The narrator Jasmine passes through one situation to the other, also going from one country to the other, leading to several rebirths of her inner self. Not only the physical violence but also the mental violence influences Jasmine’s way of life and forces her to be reborn as a totally different person. Psychological pain which Jasmine faces because of the change in culture and life are depicted by Bharti Mukherjee in the novel Jasmine. Jasmine formerly known as Jyoti was born in the village of Hasnapur in Jalandhar district of Punjab eighteen years after the Partition Riots. She was an unwanted child to the family because she was the fifth daughter and the seventh of nine children. With the fera of her daughter also suffereing the pain of dowryless bride, her mother wanted this child to be killed. As a girl child she was almost given up to death, just to free her from the problems of marriage. But she survived that incident and from there it could be seen Jasmine had the capacity to struggle, survive and portray her true self. She was told by an astrologer that she will be a widow at the age of 17. She doesn’t believe it, but the man hits her and she gets a scar on her forehead for which she says to her sisters that “It’s my third eye, now I’m a sage. (Mukherjee, 05) That scar always reminded her of that moment in her life. While swimming awhile in the river, Jasmine comes across a rotten dog’s body. For the rest of her life the pictures and the stench she smelled follows her. Later in her life she still remembers that unpleasant smell whenever she drinks water and she says “I know what I
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