Bias And Media Bias

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For the viewers, the matter of bias in media is an interesting situation. A majority of the population would rather have their views proven right by the media than challenged. Most people don’t like anything different from their beliefs and views of the mass majority. When a subject challenges an audience it creates a division of sides. Two different views are created, rather than a single validated one. This matter of challenging the majority view creates debate. Certain parties (liberals,conservatives) want to have their views validated by media that shares the same view. Therefor liberals will watch media based on a liberal stance as well conservatives will watch only media based on an conservative stance to have their views validated. This…show more content…
Although it is a challenging way to be informed in media it is the rawest form of truth in journalism. Yes, bias in media takes a big impact in the world today, however bias in viewers are just effective as well. The importance of truth in media is to have a real sense of what is going on and not believing just one side of politics. To paraphrase the video “Stossel in the Classroom: Dealing With Media Bias,” Bernie Goldburg states, “ It’s groupthink,..liberals will believe that a media filtered through a liberal prism will be the truth oppose to media based from a conservative outlook...get your news from more than one news source not just one to expand on the truth.” Goldburg is saying that many people will stick to what they feel comfortable with, but to really understand the story from all angles and be able choose the best outcome from the viewer 's own thoughts, the audiences must get the news from a variety of sources. Goldburg expanses on the sense that one news station will not provide the whole truth due to the bias in media. Also that viewers are as well very bias in how information is giving to the…show more content…
These viewers will not let themselves be challenged because the audience feels comfortable with the media that favors the same view. However, truth in journalism is a major key, the audience will never have the whole story if the only media the viewers watch are the ones that share the same views as individual. Like Bernie Goldburg states “It is up to the viewer to want to be challenged, to want to find the truth, by following other sources of media, ones that share different views and beliefs.” The truth is plain and simple, it is obvious that bias does exist in media, very strongly and has control on what is said and shown, however bias does also exist in the viewers as well. Viewers mainly stick close to what they believe and share common ground with. Viewers do not want to be challenged, viewers want to hear the beliefs shared with the media is the truth. Truth in Journalism is very important in media. One cannot make an accurate assumption without knowing all the facts. It is the key to knowing what is really going on in our world. In all honestly, it is the viewer 's choice whether to pursue the truth or
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