Bias: Negative Effects Of Discrimination On The Community

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Bias is a situation in which a party shows partiality or inclination towards a certain group of people concerning their race, gender, sexual orientation or any other aspect. Research done by Nelson (2009), supports that stereotyping is a certain way of thinking towards certain people in the community.This can be categorized in many aspects which may include race, gender and much more. For example, there may be a certain stereotype towards black people that insinuates that they are less intelligent than other races which lead them to be treated this way by the community. Discrimination involves an action taken against certain people based on any aspect.Discrimination can go from unjust employment practices to social service malpractice like preventing certain people from being treated in a certain hospital.…show more content…
For example, a movie or television show depicting a certain race as criminals or sexual predators helps increase a certain stereotype towards it. This leads to discrimination culminating in things like violence and bias in workplaces and medical care facilities. Bias certainly has negative effects on the community. Bias towards certain groups can leave the other groups feeling inferior or left out in certain detrimental activities of the community. This may also lead to psychological problems like depression and stress stemming from an episode of being left out in a certain situation. It can also lead to resentment from the marginalized groups which results in many vices like violence and
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