Bias: The Role Of Bias In The Media

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Bias occurs when used in favor or against a thing, person, or group when compared with another. A reporter's job is to present a balanced story without choosing a side or being bias. Bias in the media occurs when a news station would choose a side and stretch the truth about a topic. Bias in the media occurs more often than individuals think. Bias in the media occurs when the news station wants to pick a side and wants the people to believe it and be in favor for it. It could be in favor of what the reporters think. Reporters usually side with one side of a story and either make it sound more positive or negative depending on the topic. This usually occurs with politics because there is always bias in the news and media and reporters want…show more content…
For example if the news station states a crime has been committed and the person was black they would say Johnny Smith a black man committed this crime but if the man was white they would just identify him as Johnny Smith not Johnny Smith a white man. Journalist use the media to be bias and tell their side of the story so others could believe them and have the same idea. Bernie states that most journalists use the bible to make their points or usually use famous people to quote something they said. Reporters say “experts say” but sometimes reporters choose someone that would be on reporters side and will side with the group. Groupthink is basically what the media gives off making everyone think the same thing. Most likely the media won't give the full story only the parts that reporters want to show or the parts that reporters side with. In Bernie Goldberg’s Dealing with Media Bias he states that the news station such as fox would usually think as a group think while they don't show the full story they would only show on what they believe and what is important to them. Since reporters believe it's important to them, they believe it won't be that important to the people so they don't show the full story or the group think shows the side that they want to show. Goldberg suggests to get news from more than one place because each news stations has its side or what they are in favor so he suggests to compare them to others and the people to pick on what they believe is correct. In order to get both sides of the story individuals must do research because reports love to be bias and state that their correct and if you don't agree with them you are wrong. Bias in the media is everywhere and is represented by mainstream media the internet, celebrity news and worldwide news. The best way to avoid media bias is by checking many different sources

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