Media Bias In Racism

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Biasness is also another form of racism, but in a very subtle way that we only notice it after observation for quite some times. Biasness in racism is a way of showing favour to certain groups or party that can be considered as unfair. Many ways of showing bias in the form of employers towards employee based on skin colour, races and religion in giving orders and promotion. For example, an employee with a considered as having a weak background race who works for more than 10 years with a good working skills and experiences and acing results is still working in the same position, but a fresh employee who is from the superior race but lack of working skills and experiences working for about 2-3 years have been promoted. Due to bias in working…show more content…
They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” - Malcolm X, said by an American Muslim minister and human rights activist. Media consist of press, television, radio, books and the Internet and is now the most developing medium, however, TV had always been the biggest type of influence. People have generally forgotten that the media play a majorly significant role that portrays everything in fast speed through a massive crowd every second of our daily life which can also manipulate and control the viewers way of thinking which correlates with the responds towards racial and ethnic groups. The types of the contents showed by the media affect the mass by a lot, especially since technology today is at the tips of our fingers. Controlled by certain few organizations, with certain types of message, it can manipulate people’s attitude and opinion (MB Oliver, S Ramasubramanian, Jinhee Kim, 2007). “The people will believe, what the media tells them they believe.” – George Orwell, an English novelist has never been any truer with this topic. The dangers of the media are portraying the stereotype group of races with specific type of jobs or roles in the movie, which can largely affect how we as a viewer think. This in return damages character by causing low self-esteem, low expectations, low motivation, self-doubt, etc. And in turn this damage contributes to depict bad outcomes, such as high unemployment, poor marriage success, low educational achievement, and criminality (Malgorzata Wolska, 2011). In example, Spanish people as maids, Asians as an IT technician, black people as slave, Chinese as businessman or even the leader of a black market mafia. This includes the example, in an international level, which are a very subtle but persistent way of creating racism. The media use stereotypes as a shorthand method of defining
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