Biblical Allusions In Chocolat

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The movie chocolat represents many different allusions to Christ and makes different comparisons to the movie and to the bible. The movie has several characters that are looked upon as comparisons to biblical characters. The main character of the movie is portrayed to be a comparison to Jesus Christ. She is looked upon as a character that leads people and loves on them because of what she does for the town and what she means to the town. The wind that brings Vianne to the town is said to be the Holy Spirit, because the word pneuma means wind or spirit in Hebrew. The movie makes several more comparisons and they all have something to do with Christianity and will have several views from different people. The movie itself gives a lot of political references as well and a lot of laws.
Vianne is a single mother that moves to a small French town to start a new life there. The reason she is there is because of the wind and she says that the wind has led her here and she is following the wind because that is what she believes in. The wind is said to be a comparison to the Holy Spirit because she is being led by the Holy Spirit and goes wherever it leads her. In Christianity the Holy Spirit is a being that is in the trinity which is three in one, the father, son, and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is often called the comforter and it comforts us when we are down and the wind comforts Vienne and it guides her in her struggles in life. It is also called the counselor and teacher. We
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