Biblical Allusions In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a novel written by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, describes the murder of Santiago Nasar, the son of an Arab immigrant living in Colombia, twenty seven years after it took place from the perspective of a journalist. This novel explains how Angela Vicario, after being returned to her family on her wedding night once her husband, Bayardo San Roman, discovered she was not a virgin, names Santiago Nasar as the man who stole her virginity. Angela’s protective, twin older brothers, Pedro and Pablo Vicario, seek out and kill Santiago in an attempt to restore their sister’s honor. Twenty seven years later, the narrator, who was close friends with Santiago, retells this story from the perspective of a journalist. However, the unnamed narrator does more than just the story of Santiago’s death;…show more content…
Garcia Marquez uses biblical allusions, a varying syntax, and auditory imagery in this passage to express the theme that, regardless of its fairness, fate is unavoidable, so the only thing one can do it accept it. Garcia Marquez uses biblical allusions in this passage to compare Santiago Nasar to Jesus Christ and emphasize that he was fated to die for the sins of others. In the bible, Jesus is said to have died as punishment for the sins of humanity. Jesus’s death is alluded to in this passage and is compared to Santiago’s death at the hands of the Vicario brothers. For one, Jesus died through crucifixion, or by being nailed to a cross. He specifically was nailed to the cross by his palms and in this passage, Pedro’s knife cuts straight “through the palm” of Santiago’s “right hand” as they attack him (Garcia Marquez 117). Additionally, after Jesus had died on
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