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Samsara vs Biblical Hell

Birth, Oldness, Sickness and Death is an unavoidable and endless cycle of life that no one could escape. Whether you were born a prince or a mendicant, eventually you will die somehow and someway. No matter how hard you are trying to run a way from it, at last those cycles will run after you and you have to face with it. No man is not going to live on earth and have a happy and healthy life forever, one day those things will fade and it is only your soul that lasts. Almost every religion teaches its followers not to take one thing by heart. Life is all about let go of things that are unnecessary and unimportant. Life is unpredictable. One day you live, the other day you may suffer from the agony of diseases. Let go and let your faith leads the way.

Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism, and Sikhism, these religions are all follow the same principle which is ‘Samsara.’ Samsara is the cycle of one’s life. The actions of one’s life in either their past, present or future life is the most important factor that determines their cycle.

According to Buddhism, Life consists of an endless cycle of birth, live, and death. We are born and die and then the cycle keeps repeating and repeating. Samsara is a principle that all Buddhists accept as a way to live their lives. Buddha teaches its disciples about how life goes. When your
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The origins of this concept is vague but this concept frequently appear in both India and ancient Greece. Samsara is closely connected with the belief that a person continues to keep going through the cycle of life which is being born and reborn. Every person must go through the stages of life’s cycle in which they may reborn in various realms in either form of human, animal or any living things depending on their karma that they have made throughout their life time and past’s
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