Reflection Paper On The Biblical Letter To Philippians

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I have chosen to write my New Testament paper on the biblical letter to the Philippians. Thanksgiving and gratefulness are prominent themes in this portion of the scripture and given that the holidays are upon us, I believed it to be an appropriate and relatable choice. Philippi is a significant location for Christianity. The first Christian church was founded here and it is known as the birthplace of Western Christianity. This letter written by Paul to the people of Philippi is said to be a primarily exuberant and upbeat one, despite the fact that he is facing persecution and possibly death. After reading the corresponding chapter in Powell, I interpreted this as being a warm reminder from Paul to his followers in Philippi, encouraging them to continue carrying out the acts of the gospel even though he is not able to be there alongside them.
In a literary sense, the letter Paul writes to the Philippians is considered to be
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The author, Valencia T. Jackson, compares the idea that Paul has in regards to humility, to the habits of her shopaholic friends. These friends, who are much like myself, constantly purchase clothes that they will never wear simply because they want them. They provide them with the comfort of knowing they are there, hanging in their closets if they ever choose to wear them. A shopping addiction such as this is a poor representation of Christianity. Not everything in life is meant to revolve around our selves and tending to our own comforts and desires. “We are called to care for and be concerned about others,” said Valencia. I was able to engage in this article because I can take away a lesson of my very own. I am able to directly relate to the actions of her friends. When I stop and think about it, knowing that some people can’t even afford to put clothes on their backs makes buying unnecessary clothing sound pretty

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