Tattoos On The Heart Summary

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The Profundity of Compassion Tattoos on the Heart was written by Gregory Boyle, a Jesuit pastor for the Dolores Mission church the poorest parish in Los Angeles, as well as the gang-capital of California. Boyle is the founder of Homeboy industries, a nonprofit company with the primary goal of the rehabilitation of former gang members by means of giving them access to a great number of resources which may allow them to improve themselves. The resources they are given access to are things like job opportunities, tattoo removal operations, as well as a community that is welcome to all in order to support them and help guide those who are struggling towards a better life. Boyle has a great deal of experience in having served as a pastor in twenty-five different detention institutions such as juvenile halls, probation camps, and jails in order help inmates inside, finding success in connecting with the people inside. Boyle 's text serves to support the thesis of just how powerful compassion can be, and he extensively attests…show more content…
While on a cursory glance, since the religious aspects of the book plays a large part in it, many potential readers may be turned off to it. However, Boyle’s biblical references, amongst the many other sources he draws quotes from, are only used to support the primary focus of the book: compassion. This makes for a text with themes that are universal to all people regardless of their beliefs. Because of those reasons, Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle is a book I would heartily recommend. Boyle structures his book into chapters, each of which focuses on a shade or aspect of, or somehow relating to compassion. In which Boyle tells stories relating to whichever aspect at hand, weaving together a multitude
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