Biblical References In The Island Of Dr Moreau

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In the classic novel The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G Wells we read about a man named Prednick and his time on the mysterious island of Dr.Moreau. Wells seems to create mysterious creatures and moments that could be seen as biblical references. H.G Wells seems to keep a central theme of the abuse and power of playing God along with many biblical references are shown throughout the book.

In the classic novel The Island of Dr.Moreau There are beings called the beast people. These beast people worship rules called “the Law” these beings begin chanting the laws saying “Not to go on all fours, that is the law. Not to suck drink that is the law...” (pg 43) along with these there are a few more laws. These “Laws” separate the beast people from the animals. A biblical reference I observed is the beast people’s laws could be seen as a reference to The Ten Commandments. The Ten commandments were
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As the book goes on its clearly seen that the power of god shouldn't be messed with. Dr.Moreau tells a story of an experiment that went horribly wrong as he says on page 58 “ it wasn't finished… it was a limbless thing...the man had a rifle and when his body was found one of the barrells was curved into an S” This shows how the power of playing god can’t be messed with, because when it's messed with people die and chaos is created. This beast can also be seen as a biblical reference. This reference is created from Moreau’s experiment thats gone wrong as Moreau says “it was a limbless creature that slithered on the ground” (pg 58). Moreau talks about all the fear it created and how it drove the natives from the island. This connects to the bible because it is reference to the serpent in the garden of eden. The serpent is evil and tempts eve to eat an apple causing adam to eat the apple which then they must leave the garden of eden as the islanders left their
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