Biblical Worldview Summary

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Part I: Worldview A worldview can be defined as a particular philosophy of life or the perception of the world. It might be about life, people, beliefs, cultures and religion. In general a worldview is a mental model of reality that is formed around certain life events, people, beliefs or cultures that tries to give explanations about the behavior and conduct of a particular phenomenon. Part II: The Origin In the book of Genesis 1:1-31, the Bible gives an account of how life begun on the surface of the earth. The Bible says that for the first five days, God created heaven and earth and everything that is in it. He separated waters from the dry land and created both sea and land animals. On the sixth day, God created man in His own likeness…show more content…
In the book of John 11:25, Jesus tells his disciples that He is the resurrection and the life whoever believes in him shall not die but have everlasting life. The evolution theory also asserts that there is life after death which comes in the form of evolution. That a person evolves into something else. Part III: Biblical Worldview God wants human beings to live in peace and harmony with each other. The Bible tells Christiansin the book of John 3: 16, to love one another just the same way God loves them and sent His only son to rescue them from sin. The Bible does not want Christians to go in to war with fellow Christians nor to seek revenge but to ask God for help. Christians are allowed to choose their leaders and ask God for guidance in order to choose the right leader (Dockery &Thornbury, 2002). Leadership also comes from God and whoever has been elected as the leader holds a divine position that should be respected by the followers. God expects leaders to be wise in their decisions and rule justly. It can also be ascertained that there is the notion that the right leadership according to Christians come from God and hence it is imperative for people to respect their
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