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By:Peter. Cole

Today we would like to congratulate Ethan Figert and Hope Kleeman, of Pine Creek neighborhood for being in our “Kids To Kids” article. Ethan is 13 and from a family of six and lives with his parents, Mark and Christie Figert with his younger brother Oliver (5), younger sister Lily (8), and older sister Emily (15). Ethan loves going on vacations with his family, but his favorite is when he went to Michigan. Ethan loves animals and has a fish, a gator, and ducks that he loves, especially the ducks.

Hope Kleeman is 10 and from a family of six; one older sister, Lillia(16), and twin older brothers, Alexander(18), Maxwell(18). With her parents, Ray and Cori Kleeman, and her brothers and sister, she likes to go on vacations. Her
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Ethan and Hope carpooled when they were in school together. They both LOVE animals so they asked their mom and dad if they could take care of some ducks. After asking for a long time Ethan and Hope got their very own ducks from Illinois; two boys and one girl, Oreo, Jordan and Bell. They said, “When we got them, they were so small they could crawl up in a ball and fit in our hands.” As they got bigger and bigger they needed more space and they wanted to swim and swim so they bought a wading pool where the ducks could swim. At the end of the summer the ducks were too big for the house so on July 30th Ethan and Hope had to say goodbye to the ducks. They introduced them to the neighborhood lake and released them. Bell did not survive and died shortly after due to some injuries. Not long after that Jordan ran away after the lake flooded in a terrible storm. Ethan and Hope were devastated by their losses, but they still had Oreo. Oreo was the last one and they said that he was doing pretty well. Oreo has made a few friends at the lake and is hanging out with a group of geese, ducks, and a Blue

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