Bicol Tourism Information System Essay

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Formerly called the Regional Health Office No. 5, Legazpi City was constructed in 1977, funded by the World Bank with counterpart from the Government of the Philippines; it is a symbol of the tremendous stride to provide effective health care to all Bicolanos.The Department of Health was formally organized in 1898 with the Basic Functions of providing primitive, curative, rehabilitative services and preventive care to our people to attain an acceptable level of health.
In support to these activities as early 1930, hospitals were established in all capital towns of the country to handle the curative and rehabilitative services. The President Sanitary Divisions in strategic areas were manned by a doctor and sanitary inspectors for the promotive and preventive services. General and Special Hospitals were also established in growth centers like cities in Metro Manila.Because of the increasing population and
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From the name Information, this system gives basic information about certain company or agency. For company who sells products, information system would be advertising the products though detailed description about the product, its advantages to the consumers, etc. Payroll, library system inventory are some of the examples of an Information System.
Bicol Tourism Information System falls under the information system. The system is a computer based information system that provides pictures of the different beautiful spots located in the region, the details of the spot, the different hotels and restaurants, shopping malls and the procedure to calculate distance from one place to another and its corresponding fare. All these information are embedded in the computer for easy retrieval of the data.
Bicol Tourism Information System will be of help in promoting the tourism of the Bicol

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