Bicycle Advantages And Disadvantages

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Off road riding started back in 1960-1970. Progressively different advancements to the mountain bike have continued to evolve. Its angles, tubing, handle bars, wheel sizes, positioning of the riders weight between the two wheels, the cadence are some of adjustments made on the mountain bike
Multiple geared bicycles commonly known as 'mountain bike ' have been made reliable via their developments. For instance USA (United States of America), UK (United Kingdom), China and other countries where population has greatly increased, have adopted usage of bicycles especially the multiple geared.

Electric bicycles (e-bikes) have been introduced. This has been achieved through introduction of a separately charged battery which is used for bicycle powering. The power from the battery is used to charge riders laptop and mobile phones. It is also used to power the system for either pedal assist when a rider is tired or to boost cadence where torque sensors and speed/cadence sensors are used respectively. For instance the Visio bike uses a pedal torque sensor to adjust the transmission, automatically keeping the rider at their preferred cadence at all times. [2]
Others have LED screens which can display the current gear, current speed and geographical location of the
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For example the Visio bike , the techiest e-bike, with a little help from the user 's Smartphone, it not only provides a power boost but also lets them navigate, deter thieves, see what 's behind them via a video feed, and avoid having to shift gears. Would-be thieves ' lives are also made difficult by a motion sensor that will alert the rider via SMS if their bike is moved while unattended, and by a GPS module that allows the whereabouts of a stolen Visio bike to be tracked. If the rider is in an accident, on the other hand, the bike 's systems should detect the impact and automatically save the last three minutes of footage captured by the rear-view camera. The app will also set about contacting emergency

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