Bicycle Thieves Response

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Bicycle Thieves Response Films about working class life • The opening scene with the poor people crowding around the man giving out a job. • Antonio struggles to feed his family at home. • Antonio must sell his sheets to buy a bike. Set in a culture of poverty • Maria gives money to a woman for her spiritual blessing and advice. • There are many poor Italians fighting for the same limited number of jobs. • Antonio must sell his sheets to buy a bike. • Bruno, who is very young, must work at a gas station to make money for his family Critical of Italian culture of the time • The Italian transit system is overcrowded. • Many bikes were stolen in the city at the time. • The police officers are not very helpful. • The gas station closed at 6 o’clock. This seems odd. I didn’t know…show more content…
• Italians yells quite a lot, they also have large markets. • Italian has a lot of diversity. There were some monks/rabbi in one scene. • Many odd jobs like putting up posters. Focus on mundane – day to day tasks • Maria had to carry water from the well to her home. • There was a lot of footage of Antonio looking for his bike in the market. It seems unnecessary. • Putting up posters as a job. Children important in story, they suffer – often observers of adults and events unfolding • Bruno had to have a job at a very young age. • Bruno always looked up to his dad, but his dad was only focused on finding his bike. • Antonio thought that Bruno jumped off the bridge. • Bruno fell in the street. • Creepy man tried to talk to Bruno at the market. • Antonio hits Bruno • Antonio wants to get drunk with Bruno. • Bruno wants to get soup but Antonio won’t let him. Themes suggest society would be better if the wealth were more evenly distributed. • The church was the only organization that was willing to give handouts. • There were a very small percentage of rich people. • Very few jobs for the
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