Bid And Dine Swot Analysis Paper

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Part 2: Identify the threats to each building block and analyse those that have the potential to harm the business.

The threat for Bid&Dine is determine by using SWOT analysis that created for this business plan in Figure 1. The threat is identified when the business key partner receive better offer from another mobile apps. It is good for the restaurant business, however it will give an impact to the apps business when the competitor give them better offer with cheaper price in order to take control of the restaurant data. Not to mention, when this happened the IT specialist team will lose their interest to continue working with this apps business. In the dynamic nature of the business environment, some firms in some circumstances may be able to achieve sustained competitive advantage, while some firms in some industries achieving only temporary competitive advantage.(Miyamoto 2014). Investments in information technology can allow a business to lock in customers, suppliers and lock out competitors by building valuable new relationships with them.

In key activities, the threat is on the digital marketing strategy. The globalisation is creating new market opportunities, which in turn is creating a need for new and innovative marketing strategies to be able to stay competitive. One
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However, the apps having the risk to receive threat updates from third party sources or even to have face apps based on Bid&Dine apps. According to MacDonald (2015), “The fake apps come as Apple and Google face yet another big embarrassment over a fraudulent app sold in their app stores. The Federal Trade Commission just slammed a “false” app sold in their app stores for up to $4.99 called “Mole Detective” that made money off of victims by claiming it could help users find potentially cancerous melanoma moles on their
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