Biden Abortion Case Study

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Biden Biden is one of four children born to Catherine and Joseph Biden Sr. After several bad business moves Biden’s father was unemployed and the family moved in with their grandparents. He has two brothers James and Frank and a sister Valerie. He married Neilia Hunter and had four kids of their own,two daughters Ashley and Naomi and two sons Beau and Hunter. Biden’s wife and daughter (Naomi) died in a car accident together. His son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. Through all of these rough deaths around Biden he has managed to achieve a lot. Joe biden went to school to become a lawyer and then ran for US senate. He served on the senate from 1973-2009 when he launched his campaign for presidency. He lost the race, but was later picked by Barack Obama to be his running mate/Vice President. Biden is rather open with his ideas on issues which has landed the white house in hot water on a couple of occasions. With Biden being so open on his ideas you see his clear opinion on issues like abortion, immigration, taxes, government spending, and welfare. Biden grew up and still is a Catholic ,but feels differently than most Catholics on abortion. Biden believes that life begins at conception, but believes it 's the woman 's choice to keep the baby or not. He does not agree with abortion be government funded. He co sponsored Protect the…show more content…
Biden is praised for his negotiation skills which he used in the senate to bridge bipartisan differences. He is also praised for dropping out of the presidential race quietly so that he could become Obama’s vice president. Biden has been criticized for not trying to get China to get rid of its one child policy. Biden’s word choices has been his downfall sometimes. Recently he used the term the Orient to describe Asia. I used three main sources usa today, ontheissuses, and des moines news. I trust usa today because it has a large recognizable name. However it tends to lean conservative so some of their views on Biden may be
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