Bieber's Argumentative Essay: Deportation Nation

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Deportation Nation In the early morning of January 23, 2014 residents awoke to the sound of a Lamborghini revving its engine. A 19-teen-year-old drag racing under the influence with an invalid license is enough to get any normal person some jail time. This was no normal teenager though. It was the infamous Justin Bieber. This illegal act is only scraping the surface of the entire truth. He has done many things any many more things will come if we don’t take precautionary measures. This Bieber Brat needs to be deported a.s.a.p.! It’s only a matter of time until his next scandalous act. Normally an offense such as this would get a normal American kid a fine and maybe some jail time. Bieber is not normal or American. He is rich, famous, and…show more content…
Most of whom are denied access. According to, “Canadian Justin Bieber has raised a lot of serious criticisms against the immigration law enforcement in the United States. Why is the young singer not being deported when ordinary immigrants have been deported for crimes less serious as faced by Justin Bieber?” Why should Bieber be treated any different. He was allowed part time access to America and disrespected it. This is unfair to all the trustworthy, outstanding immigants who want to become citizens. They are denied access until they go through rigorous classes and studies to pass a test for their citizenship. Meanwhile Bieber has done nothing except cause trouble. One untrust worthy Justin Bieber or thousands of hard working immigrants. We should all be bold enough to choose the ladder. Immigrants even help improve our economy. According to, “each new immigrant produced about 1.2 new jobs, most of which went to native-born employees. Put more simply—if 1,000 new immigrants were to move in, the local economy would end up gaining about 1,200 new jobs.” Wow, that’s a huge boost for our economy. What has Bieber produced? A few awful songs and some felonies. The people of America want him

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