Bielski Brothers Thesis

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The Bielski Brothers were regarded as one of the most significant Jewish resistance efforts against Nazi Germany during World War II.Their story has become widely known. Who were these remarkable resisters to the Nazis? Throughout the War, the Bielski group leaders emphasized providing a safe haven for Jews, particularly women, children, and elderly person who managed to flee into the forest. The Bielski brothers carried out a continuous guerrilla war against the Nazis. They often used captured German weapons gained from ambushed German patrols. They also derailed troop trains and blew up bridges and electricity stations. Under the protection of the Bielski brothers, more than 1,200 Jews survived the war. This became one of the most successful…show more content…
The oldest brother, Tuvia, and was their leader.As children the oldest Bielski brothers tuvia and Zus were known by people near the town of of Novogrudak having a population of some 10,000 63% being jews. The two boys were known to be mischief makers and while living on a poor farm outside Novogrudak they learned how to survive in the surrounding forests when other jewish adults made off limits to the children according to jack kagan a survivor and childhood classmate and friend of Aharon Bielski Jack remembered jewish adults warning him of the forest. “From what I recall, you cannot go into the forest, you will never get out because the forest is so large it is unknown.” It would be that same forest that would save Jack's life. The survival skills tuvia and his brothers learned gave them a long term advantage over the city folk who had no experience with building shelter with or without tools and hard labor. Having prior military experience in the Polish army before defecting in 1927 with favoritism to Socialism Tuvia and Zus would also appy their military experience to train jewish refugees including the women to fight back. Formed a temporary camp that was more like a small village in the forest. Eventually the partisan group had 1,236 members, 70% of whom were women, children and the elderly. Within the camp they built kitchens, a mill, a bakery, a bathhouse, a medical clinic and a…show more content…
Together with 13 neighbors from the ghetto, they formed the nucleus of a partisan combat group. The group's commander was the older brother, Tuvia Bielski (1906–1987), a Polish Army veteran and graduate of a Zionist youth movement. Tuvia "would rather save one old Jewish woman than kill ten German soldiers".[1] He sent emissaries to infiltrate the other ghettos in the area, recruiting new members to join the group in the Naliboki Forest. Hundreds of men, women, and children eventually found their way to the Bielski camp, which ultimately numbered over a thousand inhabitants, both civilians and fighters. Aharon would be reunited with a young
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