Biff And Happy In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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In the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, an average man named Willy strives to be successful and make himself known to the world. As he approaches the age most men hope to retire, he stills tries to achieve his dreams of being rich and loved. His two sons, Biff and Happy, have been shaped by Willy’s ideologies and have learned much of what they know as adults from him. Despite his aspirations for them and the effort he has put forth to help them be prosperous, they have both not fulfilled his expectations. Biff has never had a steady job or girlfriend. While he is better off than Biff, Happy is still not very successful as he has a low position at a company and has not produced a family. Willy teaches his sons many things, one of them being that one should be well liked.
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