Biff Character Analysis Essay

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Arthur Miller describes Biff as a stereotypical jock who is physically strong and good at football but reliant on his friend Bernard for even passing school. He was on track to go to the university of Virginia, a university that he wanted to go to since he was a child. He even had a pair of shoes with the name of the university printed on the side. But that all changed after he failed his math test making him ineligible to graduate the high school. Biff had many dreams and plans before he failed that test, he wanted to go to the university of Virginia but due to his poor math skills he failed. He was an aspiring jock who was going to take over the world but that all stopped after caught his dad cheating completely gave up. It all happened in Boston after…show more content…
At that moment Biff didn 't want to go to college anymore. After that moment everything fell apart, having never completed high school Biff found himself struggling to get a job and getting into trouble where ever he went. This is when all the characters in the story start to lie about themselves. Biff unlike the other character stood out, he accepted his past as other characters completely fabricated their pasts. Biff even tried to fool himself by thinking that he used to be a salesman, but met reality after he went to pitch an idea for a sporting goods store. After sitting in the waiting room he reached the realization that he was lying to himself to impress his dad. He had been hiding his life from his family to impress his dad because his dad has an impossible expectations. Biff had been hiding his history of stealing to try and impress his dad, willy who has unrealistic expectations for him. This is shown every time he is talking to himself/ having a flashback he remembers Biff in some way. He once said to himself that Biff was a good boy and tried to convince himself that Biff failures were not a result of his affair with the woman from the hotel. The affair was a huge emotional breakdown for Willy and
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