Big Al The Elephant Controversy Essay

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What’s that sound? It’s the sound of the crowd chanting, Hold your horses, the elephants are coming! In the beautiful town of Chicago, Illinois there is a brand new mascot hall of fame. This place inducts the best mascots from all sports that had a major impact in their sport, community, a memorable or groundbreaking performance, and a fun and unique costume. Even though some argue that Big Al the Elephant isn’t the best mascot and isn’t worthy of the hall of fame, we think that he has hit every category to be inducted because he is designed by Disney. Al the Elephant is fun, memorable, and unique because it is a design from Disney. As a general rule Disney and Disney World are associated with fun and great memories, and Al the elephant demonstrates…show more content…
One such time was when a child stuck with cancer, who was too weak to offer more than a feeble smile, was visited by Big Al, who sat by her bedside, holding her hand in silence. Later, in private, the college student who was wearing the mascot suit removed the head of the suit to reveal a collage student, with tears rolling down her face. As Jennifer Thrasher, ex- Big Al coordinator, said, “When donning the elephant suit, you become more than a mascot, you are an ambassador of the university. You must represent us in a positive way.” Justin Sullivan, mascot from 2011 to 2016, says, “Every time you put on that massive head, you are part of something bigger than you. (Dylan) Al the elephant is youth focused because he was made by a man who works at Disney. As a general rule you think of disney as more of a kids place. According to “A University of Alabama spokesman says Big Al first appeared at the 1979 Sugar Bowl in a costume made by the Disney designer.” “The Big Al costume was made at the Walt Disney Studios in Florida” (Alabama Pioneers). The costume for Al the elephant was made by a disney designer. therefore it is meant for the youth
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