Big Bad Bullies Analysis

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Big Bad Bullies: Chayzée Smith’s Story
Everyday, millions of innocent kids are bullied around their school. They are pushed around, physically abused, and can’t do anything about it. The bystanders around them decide not to help either. The daily routine is the same: Get to school quickly and get out even faster, to avoid those kids. The thing is, that they don’t tell anyone, or get help. This is what it was like for elementary student, Chayzée Smith, except worse.
Usually, Chayzée would leave quickly and run home as fast as he could, sometimes though, he would try to take a chance, and stay for basketball or table tennis at the school, but “the violence of the neighborhood always found its way into the after school program” (Smith). That was the other problem. His neighborhood was a rough one, always being involved in drugs or violence. Smith would get beat up, or pushed away from anything and everything. Sometimes, he would even see things he shouldn’t or be involved in bad drugs. These issues abused Chayzée in many ways, and he couldn’t find a solution to
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Dating back all the way to 1860, this club has grown into more. In the small city of Hartford, Conneticut, there was a group of boys that lead shabby lives on the streets. With no one to go to, they wandered, bullying and taking out anger on others, trying to act cool. But with every man comes a small part of little boy in them. This is how Elizabeth Hammersly and her sisters got to the kids, knowing that their life was not a good one.
They started a club known as the Dashaway Club or the Good Will Boys Club by inviting the group of boys to discuss their problems and to make it better. Realizing that they could, the three adult sisters wanted to prove that even tough street boys could be nice like anybody else. Today, the club has grown into so much more.
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