Big Bang Undermines The Story Of Creation

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For people who truly believe that the universe was created by God, the heart of the issue comes down to whether the Big Bang disproves and undermines the story of creation depicted in the bible or supports and validates it. Throughout the whole duration of making this paper, I have read and researched some important ideas that would prove that instead of debunking and undermining the theory of Creationism, the Big Bang in fact does the opposite. It therefore gives strong evidences and strengthens the notions suggested by the Bible. First of all, the Big Bang provides a scientific confirmation and evidence that the universe has a beginning. Secondly, it validates the Bible’s concept of a finite universe. In the Bible, the event of creation indicates the start of time and its movement in a linear fashion, and the existence of matter and energy. The Big Bang theory holds the same idea wherein at the start of it, before the event happened and the universe still existed as a singularity, an infinite compression held all matter, time, and energy which was released when the Big Bang occurred.…show more content…
Thirdly, both the Bible and the Big Bang theory assume that the universe has been expanding and stretching out since the start of its creation, as mentioned in different chapters and verses in the Bible such as the one mentioned in Isaiah 42:5 and as supported by the Edwin Hubble’s red shift theory in the Big
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