Big Bill's Analysis

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Saddle up to meet the 5th member of Leo Royale, Jesse Underwood, a rough and tough Chimaien Lion with a southern charm! Born and raised in Marigold Bay, Chima, this country Lion loves to play guitar for his pals and get his paws dirty in a good ol’ mud wrestling match. In Leo Royale, the other members consider Jesse the “Dad” of the group. Although Jesse can be as wild as the west at times, he is a gentleman Lion with an inviting and mature nature to him. Always looking to keep the peace, Jesse will find exciting, yet productive activities to do that he feels will help strengthen his fellow Royale members relationship. Sometimes stress rears its ugly head and gets the best of some of the members, causing quarrels to break out amongst the…show more content…
Big Bill’s was a small-town family style restaurant with a country western theme. Furs from all over would come to Marigold Bay just to eat his delicious home-cooked meals and enjoy the lively company. The restaurant always had fun activities for the kids to do, from Red Light, Green Light competitions to spelling bees to line-dance Battles you name it, Big Bills always had fun shenanigans for children to enjoy. Jesse loved to participate in the ice cream pie eating contest, he would never win, but boy could this little leo eat a ton of ice cream! But what Jesse mostly looked forward to, was when things would calm down and he got to hear his Mom and Dad sing for everyone. When the clock would hit midnight, the rowdy crowd would grow quite as his mother and father took the stage and began to perform. Jesse’s Father was quite skilled at the guitar and you could feel every emotion conveyed with each note he played, and his Mother truly had the voice of angel that would bring you to tears, even if you had a little too much to drink that night you’d know it wasn’t the
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