Case Study: The Big Bottom Market

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Big Bottom Market is a specialty meals restaurant and store located in Guerneville, California. The establishment additionally boasts a pleasing selection of wines and domestically-made crafts on the market. The region changed into opened in 2011, on Guerneville’s Main Street through Michael Volant, Kate Larkin and Crista Leutze. In its third year, the summer time months had been great with weekly sales of $20,000-$24,000. However, the winter months brought with them an eighty percent lower in income. Because of its location, which is rather dependent on Tourism, in The Russian River Valley wine country, the entrepreneurs soon discovered that vital planning and marketing steps could be key to preserving the business an ‘oat in the low season.…show more content…
In doing This, There must be a major focus on the population of Guerneville. This might be The Target market, and majority of patrons, in the low season. Therefore employees of big bottom came up with few ideas to survive and generate the profit during low season, such as: food truck, adding catering and emphasizing their signature on the biscuit. The Food Truck could be a remarkable concept to growth income. Hit the road with a Big Bottom Market food truck Increase sales and build the brand by turning the market into profit maximized and it would incur a few prices, but may be a terrific manner to gain profit. Food vehicles are extraordinarily popular now. Having a meals truck to park at business workplaces and plazas would be a good idea to earn money and to advertise their business. Adding a catering provider can be advantage point, however if they do not promote it, then it may be a waste of money. It may not be the first-rate way to hold their enterprise open if no person is coming at some point of this time. Opening for dinner become an awesome…show more content…
In my opinion big bottom market can use: 1-Facebook - a social networking site that allows you to have conversations with clients, publish pics and films, sell special gives, and extra 2-Twitter - a 'micro-blogging' service that allows you to send and receive brief messages from clients and ability customers. 3-YouTube - a web video-hosting service that we could humans share their videos. Big bottom restaurant and stores can depend partially on social media in order to increase their profit and market share and maintain the growth element in the organization , because the recommended social media for big bottom can help in; extensive reach - social media can attain tens of millions of humans everywhere in the global .also capability to target particular companies - many varieties of social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) permit businesses to goal unique organizations, frequently in particular places. Moreover, loose or low-cost - many varieties of social media are free for commercial enterprise, and paid alternatives are generally low-fee. In addition, personal - social media will let big bottom to communicate on a non-public foundation with character clients and groups. Furthermore, big bottom may quick distribute information to many human beings and easy way to do it as there will be no need high-stage abilities or laptop device to participate in social media. The common

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