Big Boy By David Sedari Summary

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When going to school, work or pretty much anywhere where you have to socialize, what do you think of yourself? Do you feel self conscious of that new dress you’re wearing, or nervous about how you did your hair that day? Maybe you may mess up on a report you had due to your boss, how do you feel? Embarrassed, most likely. But why do we feel that way? Many aspects of our everyday life have an impact on who and what we are, so that explains why you would feel self conscious about some features of yourself. You may wear a certain shirt more often because people compliment you on it. Simple things like that can make you a whole different person, and sometimes they aren't such a miniscule influence in your life. In “Big Boy” by David Sedari, “Journey…show more content…
I feel I can somewhat relate to the main character. When in a problematic situation with no way to get out of it, I find myself getting embarrassed and disconcerted, similar to the narrator’s problem. For instance, when deciding whether I’m shaking hands with someone or hugging (or both?). It gets awkward and embarrassing, so I can understand how the narrator felt in his dilemma. In Paul Zindel’s bittersweet life, he had to face some strenuous hardships. In “Journey To Meet The Pigman”, he talks about his personal life and the backstory to The Pigman. He had to face some onerous situations. For an example, having to deal with his mother threatening to commit suicide once a month. Paul and his sibling always begged their mother not to do it, and I can understand how he felt during that horrid time in his life. But there was one person who comforted and cared for him; his wonderful Nonno Frankie. Paul feels,”...this wonderful Nonno Frankie was there for (him) when (he) was having a great struggle. There is no question in (his) mind today that he was the remarkable teacher and spirit who gave (Paul his) Pigman and (his) boyhood”(Zindel 8). Paul felt that his grandfather really helped him through his
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