Big Brother Australia Tv Show Analysis

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Big Brother Australia is a well known reality game show which documents the lives of a select group off individuals form around the country known as ‘housemates’ as they are isolated from society. Adapted form the original version created by John De Mol Jr. the show reinforces Australian stereotypes through their values and attitudes. Australians are depicted as being an anti-intellectual society, frowning on those who are intellectual, showing them as untrustworthy. The housemates poses values of which reflect those within Australian society such as the underdog, fairness, being down to earth and mateship. Australian society is also shown as being one which values technology and communication. Through this television show the audience is constantly offered the idea that Australian…show more content…
All these elements contribute to depicting Australia as one which positively supports people within their society and shows respect. Through the motherly characteristics of the host and positive recaps of the events that take place in the house we are also offered the idea that Australian society is one which is supportive, loving and happy. A common theme in all series of this television show is mateship. Having a ‘mates’ back is something in which Australian society is well known for and through the many series of this show we are constantly reminded that Austrians value people who are there for them, there mates. housemates who are shown to possess mateship are ultimately more liked by the audience and other housemates because they embody what Australian society prides itself on, which is ultimately mateship and having each others back through thick and
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